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Support for peptides extends beyond just one group, one organization, one clinic, one provider, or one individual. To truly enact change and shift the regulatory environment limiting access to peptides, we must come together as one. Below are just a few of the many supporters doing their part to Save Peptides.  

We believe that these medications should be available to patients when physicians determine them to be appropriate through their medical expertise.

Without the opportunity to receive these products as prescribed by their physicians from regulated sources, the FDA is effectively limiting supply which may eventuate actually hurting patients making them source these from shady and unregulated websites.

We have created this website to gather support for these medications and organize action together. Many of these medications affect our health and quality of life on a daily basis and limiting this choice will impact patients’ lives.

The FDA’s decision to limit peptides is a single step in the direction of reducing our overall medical autonomy. Stand up before it is too late.

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